Our Chocolate Brownies & Blondies

We think that brownies are one of many people’s favorite menu because they are simply delicious. Also, you can enjoy with a cup of coffee, tea or milk, as well as ice cream, whipped cream and fresh fruit. That’s why we have many flavors (and more to come) to offer our lovely customers. We love brownies made from scratch.

For brownies, we love ones that have moist and fudgy centers, but chewy edges, and kind of crispy or shiny tops.

It is being said that there are two types of people, who love the edge or the center of the brownies. Which one do you prefer?

Our chocolate brownies recipes are made from chocolate couvertures. Valrhona and Cacao Barry are the brands we love. We believe in the quality of their products and every chocolate has differences in percentages of cocoa butter and taste notes.

Many customers always have a question about the difference between dark chocolate and special dark chocolate brownies. They both are different in percentages of chocolate and mixing methods. For the dark chocolate brownies, we melt dark chocolate with butter before adding eggs and dry ingredients, which results in thin cracked top, while we beat eggs and sugar to reach the ribbon stage before mixing with three types of chocolate couvertures and dry ingredients for special dark chocolate brownies. Therefore, they have shiny and crinkly top. By the way, they are moist, fudgy in the center, kind of cakey, chewy, and crispy around the edges, especially full of dark chocolate flavor. However, you will have a note of hazelnut for the special dark ones due to the infusion of hazelnut paste in chocolate couverture.

For milk chocolate brownies, we are inspired by the childhood moment that we crave for something sweet and chocolaty. Here we have a yummy sweet treat for our children customers and their whole family to enjoy their precious time together. They are not overly sweet for adults’ taste. We reduce quite a lot of sugar in the recipe. These pieces are chewy, soft, and filled with creamy milk chocolate flavor. Similarly, our white chocolate blondies are made for white chocolate lovers.

Last but not least, our dark chocolate whole wheat brownies. This begins with the thought of a group of people who prefer something deeper and darker chocolate flavor. The combination between cocoa paste 100% and cocoa powder, together with medium roasted coffee makes them rich, dark, fudgy and chewy. If you love whole grains and intense flavor, these delicious brownies are made for you.

We hope that you will be pleasantly enjoy our chocolate brownies & blondies.

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